A special experience That was a sunny day. Susan got in a taxi because she wanted go shopping. ‘Hi! Good 室內設計morning!’ Susan said. The driver replied ‘Hello!’ .They did not notice an evildoer was also in the car 襯衫at all ‘Miss, where do you want to go?’Oh! I’m going to Happy Department store.’ she added, ‘You know 酒肉朋友there, do you?’ ‘Yes, of course. Miss, let’s go!’ On their way to the department store, a knife was ARMANIsuddenly on the driver’s neck. Susan and he were both very scared. They knew they met a robber. However, 節能燈具Susan was calm. She was so clever, and she covertly called to the police. The driver furtively drove to the 景觀設計station, too. When they arrived, a lot of police officers n front of the police station had got ready to 酒店打工arrest him. The robber were forced to enter the police station quickly by the police. All the things turned 酒店工作danger into safety in the end . But, Susan was in a bad mood. She came home and decided to go shopping 建築設計tomorrow.

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